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Membership Services

The Florida Association of Independent Public Schools (FAIPS) is committed to advancing quality public education for Florida’s children, through quality independently-operated public charter schools. FAIPS is a statewide membership organization and is the leading advocate for free-standing independently operated charter schools. FAIPS policy and advocacy supports and protects the autonomy that independent schools need to fulfill their promise and maintain high performance, while membership services assist schools at every stage in their life-cycle. 


Each Member Charter School is entitled to the following:

  • Free yearly Governance Training for Governing Board Members.

  • State and Local Advocacy to protect the balance between accountability and individual school flexibility, so that the demands of compliance don’t stifle the innovation in the sector.

  • Discounts on an array of products, services, trainings, conferences, and seminars from our preferred vendor program.

  • Technical Assistance from a team of experts (including Advisory Board) to support your school's performance and priorities, compliance, renewal and other issues (limited volunteer hours).

  • Newsletters - The Indie Charter Report Card - Building a Community of Practice.

  • Participation in the Indie Charter Network Community of Practice.

  • Membership meetings where everyone's voice is heard.

  • Guidance on applying new legislation to your charter school.


Membership fees (yearly):

  • $5 per student enrolled (Minimum of $1,000)

  • $2500 per preferred business partner


Methods of Payment:
1) Electronic Payment please use the following link : 

PayPal, then goto "Special Instructions" and input "FAIPS".

2) Checks are made payable to: Center for Social Change c/o the Florida Association of Independent Public Schools, 2103 Coral Way (2nd Floor), Miami, Florida 33145

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